Capabilities Include:

  • Deep Draw & Eyelet Stampings
  • High-Speed Progressive Stampings
  • Progressive Die Stampings
  • Welded Assemblies
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Plastic Thermoforming
  • Value Added, Value Engineering

Case Studies

Along with our outstanding quality and delivery records for metal stampings and plastic thermoformed parts, Advance Engineering has several case studies which demonstrate how we have provided not only parts for our customers, but full solutions for them.

Each of these studies demonstrates our commitment to quality, delivery and customer service.

Case Study #1

A multi-national fortune 500 company was having delivery and quality issues with one of their suppliers. The part was a very difficult part to make, involving multiple operations to produce. Due to ongoing quality issues, inventory was low and their production line was in danger of running out of parts. Having already partnered with this company on other work, Advance Engineering was asked to step in to help.

Tooling was sent to Advance Engineering, but none of the drawings, prints or CAD information was available. Nonetheless, within a week, a five step operation - several that included manual intervention - was developed and part production began. Within weeks inventories were replenished, quality restored and line production continued as scheduled.

But that was just the beginning. As production continued, Advance Engineering decided to look at how the part might be redesigned, improved and retooled. By modifying the tooling and moving the part production to an eyelet press, two of the operational steps and much of the manual activity could be taken out of the manufacturing process.

The net result was lower required inventories levels due to the faster part production, a cost reduction of over 33 percent and a very satisfied customer.

Case Study #2

It was every company's nightmare. While gearing up for the peak season, a critical parts supplier announced that they were going out of business. Another vendor was needed that could immediately start producing four (4) very specialized parts - all requiring stainless steel deep draw stamping. On a recommendation from one of their business partners, this lawn and garden manufacturer called Advance Engineering for help.

The exiting tooling could only be used in a specific type of press, one used by few metal stamping companies. Using that existing tooling, Advance Engineering drew on the capabilities of their R&D department/machinery to develop the processes required to stamp each of the parts. Within just two weeks of their original contact, parts began to flow to the customer. Production continued forward unabated and delivery commitments were all met.

While effectively overcoming this initial crisis, the stamping process being used to produce these parts was not efficient enough for the long term. So, several months later when the previous supplier was auctioning off its assets, Advance Engineering purchased the original presses used to produce the parts. This allowed manufacturing to be moved out of the R&D area, improved production efficiency and a piece price reduction for the customer.

Case Study #3

Advance Engineering's sales manager drew out the design on a napkin. That's how it actually happened.

While visiting a home hardware customer, one of their engineering managers started talking about his frustrations with a disposable wrench used in their assembly process. It was too big, it was too expensive and it was too hard to use. Not only that, the existing vendor was asking for money in order to retool production of this wrench.

Over lunch the customer showed the wrench to the Advance Engineering representative. A revised design, utilizing deep draw stamping, was sketched out and faxed back to the Advance Engineering team that afternoon. The very next day a CAD drawing was returned and shown to the engineering manager. He was so excited he immediately took it to the production manager for his OK.

Within 10 days the P.O. had been signed and the new model of this disposable wrench was being produced by Advance Engineering. Best of all, the customer's net savings from this napkin-designed wrench ended up being over $250,000 per year.

Case Study #4

An in-line plastic thermoforming competitor was unable to expand their facilities fast enough to keep up with their production requirements. On a Monday afternoon the customer called Advance Engineering for assistance.

The next 72 hours were a whirlwind. The parts being considered for production along with the corresponding processes were sent to Advance Engineering's manufacturing personnel for review. Production inventory and the existing tooling were gathered and transported to Advance Engineering's Beaverton plant. All the while terms, conditions and contracts were simultaneously being negotiated.

By the time Friday rolled around, all the quality checks had been completed and the first customer ready production parts were being manufactured and packaged for shipment.

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